MVP Diploma Frames offer unmatched value and feature conservation quality frame components. Each frame is custom crafted according to your school's diploma size. As our reference letters allude, our diploma frames are constructed with materials that are considered by many to be the very best in the industry.

Moulding Quality

We do NOT, nor will we ever offer any reprocessed/recycled wood in our entire moulding selections.

MVP Diploma Frames are made with premium eco-friendly 100% solid wood grown from sustainable resources. Each and every MVP Frame moulding is made at a MINIMUM of 1.75" in width and nearly 1" in depth to ensure the correct aesthetic of a truly "high end" frame. We do not sell thin, petite frame mouldings (which typically have only one mat layer, as compared to MVP's standard of two mat layers) and then market them as our lower price point "loss leaders".

Conservation Quality Matboards

MVP Diploma Frames feature inner matting of either Nielsen Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare Matboards or Crescent conservation quality matboards which both offer the highest degree of document protection.

Hanging System

Each MVP Diploma Frame back is pre-assembled with a premium picture wire hanging system. This is the same picture wire used in fine museums and frame shops across the country. The picture wire is wound on cadmium plated steel "D-ring" hangers and is then mounted to both sides of the solid wood backside moulding to ensure rigidity. Our craftsmen and craftswomen expertly level both D-rings on the back side of the frame so that it is ready to hang level and balanced on the very first try.

Heirloom Quality Brilliant Medallions

Each MVP Diploma Frame medallion coin is forged from solid brass and is expertly die-struck, polished, and plated to exacting standards. Our medallion coins come in many different colors including gold and silver. Our coins have many finish options including shiny, matted, and a vintage antique look. Finally, our coins can be finished with elegant Cloisonne enamel accents to add the perfect school spirit aesthetic to the coin design.